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The Global Dialogue on Sustainable Ocean Development

Ditulis oleh Admin | 26 February 2024


Over five days, the Global Dialogue on Sustainable Ocean Development will convene a diverse community of those responsible for delivering a sustainable ocean economy in practice, from community representatives and technical practitioners to senior decision makers.

In an expansion of ambition, this Global Dialogue on Sustainable Ocean Development focuses on accelerating the shift towards a sustainable ocean economy — through interlinked efforts to build accounting systems that reveal multiple values of the ocean, and implement Sustainable Ocean Plans, Marine Spatial Planning, Marine Protected Areas, ocean-based climate action, and sustainable finance.

Delegates will leave the Global Dialogue with knowledge and skills that support their communities and institutions to go beyond GDP to measure and manage progress towards sustainable ocean development.  



Click here to download the brochure.


Register here!

Full registration is open until 8 June 2024 in English, French (Français) and Spanish (Español).


Register for training sessions here!

Registration for training is open until 31 May.


Interested to host a side event? Apply here!

Apply for a side event before 31 May (successful applicants to be notified by 17 May).


For more information, visit https://www.oceanaccounts.org/global-dialogue-sustainable-ocean-development/

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