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Forming an Environmentally Minded Generation, FRCI Provided Marine Ecosystem Training for High School Teachers in the Maldives

Ditulis oleh Admin | 28 August 2023


As a country where 99% of its territory consists of the ocean, the marine ecosystems provide a plethora of vital services for the people of Maldives. To realize sustainable marine management and development, the Rekam Nusantara Foundation unit Fisheries Resource Center of Indonesia (FRCI) together with the Global Ocean Accounts Partnership (GOAP), the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology (MECCT) of Maldives, the University of New South Wales (UNSW), and the Maldives National University held the "Workshop on Marine Ecosystems and their services: training of trainers". The activity, which was held at Villa College Hall, Male on August 24 and 26 2023 was attended by more than 190 high school teachers from 187 schools across the Maldives.


FRCI's Efin Muttaqin delivering a material on  marine ecosystems (Doc: FRCI)


The workshop was opened by Mr. Zahir, as the Director General of the MECCT, followed by learning sessions and practical activities. On this occasion, FRCI provided material on the introduction of marine ecosystems and measuring marine ecosystems, as well as facilitating an activity session on ecosystem services lesson sheets for students.

Through this workshop, it is hoped that marine ecosystems and their services can be integrated into the Maldives national curriculum, and school teachers are equipped with sufficient insight so that they can instill concern for the ocean in the younger generation.

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