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UN World Data Forum 2023: Innovative Ocean Data Partnerships for Better Ocean Management

Ditulis oleh Admin | 04 May 2023


In order to promote sustainable development, a new approach to gather ocean data is needed to address ocean resource use and risk mitigation. Ocean Accounts, an innovative framework that integrates ocean data with social and environmental conditions, can provide a trans-disciplinary approach to ocean governance for better decision-making.

To highlight innovative ocean data partnerships from around the world, a session titled 'Partnership Innovation for Inclusive Ocean Data' was held at the UN World Data Forum 2023 on Wednesday, April 26th 2023 in Hangzhou, China as well as in the virtual space. Fisheries Resource Center of Indonesia (FRCI) Senior Advisor, Irfan Yulianto, was invited as a speaker—presenting a material on 'Data Incorporation for Ocean Accounts Development for Ocean Management in Indonesia'.

By participating in this activity, it is hoped that Indonesia can become an example in the implementation of Ocean Accounts and establish cooperation with partners all around the world.

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